Life is all about relationships, and so is Solle Naturals. Solle has a unique culture, one that is based on genuine friendships and caring for others. You will feel the difference almost immediately upon joining the company. It is a feeling of family that we at Solle encourage and cultivate. Perhaps this feeling comes from being surrounded by like-minded individuals who all share a strong desire to help others live healthier, happier lives. When you join the Solle team, you will forge friendships that will last a lifetime and will, over time, become some of your most cherished relationships.


Rare is the opportunity to make a real, significant and lasting contribution to society. But with health care in crisis and with so many people looking for something, anything to help them feel better, as a Solle Specialist, you can make a real difference; a difference in the lives of your family, your friends, and in your community. Solle is committed to providing the nutritional tools necessary to allow everyone to take control of their own health. Solle is equally committed to affording the world a greater understanding of the mind/body connection and its role in overall wellness.

In addition, Solle provides the possibility for anyone, regardless of background or experience, to take control of their financial future. As a Solle Specialist, you can help countless people improve their economic condition all while improving their physical and emotional health. As you invest your time helping others, you will find that the return on your investment is a legacy that will extend well beyond your own life.


One of the greatest things about being a Solle Specialist is the pride that comes with ownership. Whatever your Solle business becomes, it is yours. You own it. There are a number of ways (7 to be exact) that Solle will reward your efforts as you share your personal Solle testimony with family, friends, and personal contacts. From earning enough to pay for your personal product purchase each month to building a lucrative Solle business that can someday be passed on to your children and grandchildren, the future of your business is up to you and there is no limit.


The Solle Naturals SmartPlan is the first and only network marketing compensation plan that adjusts its commission structure each month based on where the greatest activity is taking place within your sales organization. The SmartPlan automatically optimizes your commission every single month and will pay as much as 15% on your highest level. Solle's innovative and ground breaking SmartPlan will maximize your earnings while you maximize your customer's health benefits.


SolleQuick is a special enrollment bonus that is paid each week to mentors of new Members and/or Specialists and up to 2 levels of the mentor's upline. With a payout of as much as 45%, the SolleQuick bonus can and should be an integral part of your overall Solle business building plan.


HD (high dollar) Override is a great option for high-volume herb shops, salons, gyms, etc. This industry-leading commission or rebate is paid on personal orders and increases in payout percentage as the monthly volume grows. HD Override rebates range from 28-32% and allow those choosing this option to be competitive in a retail environment.


This bonus is paid out on all levels beyond your seventh level. Once you achieve the rank of SolleLeader 15K, you can earn this bonus which is calculated by taking 1% of all of the commissionable volume in the levels after your seventh level (this is because you are paid on 7 levels in the SmartPlan), and then multiplying it by the percentage according to your rank.


SolleDriven is Solle’s generous car allowance program that pays a monthly bonus of between $250 - $1,000 per month toward the lease or purchase of a new car. As your move up in rank, your monthly car allowance increases.


The Mentor Match bonus pays SolleLeaders who have reached the rank of SolleLeader 5K a percentage match of the combined bonus checks earned by their personally sponsored SollePros on all paid levels. The more you help your team members grow their businesses the more your mentor match will grow.


Solle Prime is Solle’s enhanced earning opportunity that can dramatically increase a Specialist’s earnings from SollePro to SolleLeader 15K ranks and beyond. Solle Prime is also designed to guide the structure of Solle business toward large scale success as it provides an immediate Pro-level bonus for those actively sharing the Solle vision for mind/body wellness and business ownership.


If you are not interested in enrolling as a Specialist, but do want to enjoy the health benefits of the world's finest mind body supplements AND you want to take advantage of the industry’s most generous rewards program, SolleRewards (see chart), you can still purchase the products at wholesale by enrolling as a Solle Member. To become a Solle Member, all you need to do is complete an online account and place your order. There is no membership fee, minimum purchase requirement or annual renewal fee.


Enrolling with Solle is simple. There are two basic ways to enroll, or as we like to refer to it, join the Solle family. The best way is as a Solle Specialist. When you enroll as a Solle Specialist, you pay a one time fee of $75, and for this small investment, you receive a number of privileges and benefits including:

  • Weekly and monthly commissions
  • SolleRewards on personal purchases (see chart)
  • Success workbook
  • Product samples
  • "The Fix" by Dr. Allison Caldwell-Andrews
  • “Go Pro” by Eric Worre
  • 5 $25 SolleReward gift cards
  • A FREE Solle website
  • Access to the Solle resource center

As a Solle Specialist you can qualify for weekly and monthly commissions. The amount you earn each month is up to you. It can vary from enough pay for your personal Solle purchases to generating the equivalent of a full time income. When you consider that you begin earning commissions the very first time you refer to someone to Solle Naturals, enrolling as a Specialist is a terrific option.


Both Members and Specialists can earn between 5% and 10% off of future purchases just by placing an order. You can earn an extra 15% in SolleRewards by subscribing to the SolleSafe autoship program.

Whether a Specialist or a Member, you've always got a place in Solle Naturals®
Welcome to the family!